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Blaise Gauba

Photo Credit: Blaise Gauba

Blaise Gauba is a fine artist and sculptor, presently living in Torrance, CA.

" I sculpted over a period of years while working as a freelance sculptor for Walt Disney Art Classics, who produce beautiful collectible Disney characters and scenes from classic Disney animated films. It was my absolute pleasure having been given the opportunity to have been one of the lucky few sculptors to have shared in this amazing adventure and to have been able to join the ranks of some of the most talented sculptors who have produced some of the most memorable collectible figurines, scenes, and pieces for Walt Disney Art Classics. "

Blaise Gauba's Sculptures



Type of Release

   Mickey Mouse "On Patrol" Open Edition
   Herbie "Rarin' To Race" Disney Store Exclusive

NLE 2,500 pcs

   Scrooge McDuck "Ebenezer Scrooge" 2000 Parkwest/NALED Exclusive

NLE - 2000 pcs

   Mickey Mouse "A Perfect Gent" 2001 Independent Dealer Exclusive
   Minnie Mouse "A Lovely Lady" 2002 Independent Dealer Exclusive
   Grumpy "Hmph! I Ain't Scared" 2001 WDAC Convention

NLE - 750 pces

   Bo Peep "I Found My Moving Buddy" Open Edition
   Buzz Lightyear "To Infinity and Beyond" Open Edition
   Hamm "It's Showtime" Open Edition
   Rex "I'm So Glad You're Not A Dinosaur" Limited to 1998
   Woody "I'm Still Andy's Favorite Toy" Open Edition
   Mr. Potato Head "That's MISTER Potato Head to You" Open Edition

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