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Patrick Romandy Simmons

In 1990 Patrick Romandy-Simons began working at Walt Disney Imagineering. He is an award-winning sculptor based in Southern California. In addition to designing sculpting for Disney Theme Parks and Collectibles he is creating an independent horror film, delevoping his own original graphic novels as well as sculpted figures, models and kits.

He created the Mickey's Toontown Fountain and the King Triton Fountain in Disneyland California. Since 1994 Romandy-Simmons is one of the sculptors for the Classics Collection.

Tim Bruckner's Sculptures



Type of Release

   Cruella De Vil "It's that De Vil Woman!" 1999 Villains Series
   Horace & Jasper Badun "Bumbling Baduns" 2007 Commissioned Release
   Nanny Cook "Look, Here's Lucky!" Production Year 2007
   Queen of Hearts "Who's Been Painting My Roses Red?" 2008 Villains Series
   Goofy "All Downhill from Here" NLE - 1000 pces
   Bambi "Weak in the Knees" Open Edition
   Bambi with Mother "My Little Bambi" 2000 Spring Event
   Faline "Light as a Feather" Open Edition
   Flower and Miss Skunk "Knocked for a Loop"

Walking on Air

2002 Scene Completer
   Thumper and Miss Bunny "Twitterpated in the Springtime" Open Edition
   Fountain Accessory "Beauty and the Beast Fountain" 2001 Spring Event
   Gaston "Scheming Suitor" 2005 Villains Series
   Kenai and Koda "Brotherly Time" NLE 2000 pcs
   Koda "Sitting Cub" Open Edition
   Gus & Jaq in Teacup "Tea for Two" 1999 Fall Open House
   Lady Tremaine "Manipulative Matriarch" NLE - 500 pcs

2012 Villains Series

   Daisy Duck "Daisy's Debut" 1999 Gold Circle Exclusive
   Donald Duck "Basic Training" Open Edition
   Pete "Marching Orders" Open Edition
   Donald Duck "What an Angel" Open Edition
   Donald Duck "Little Devil" Open Edition
   Donald Duck "Donald's Decision" Open Edition
   Goofy "Dribbling Down the Court" Open Edition
   Dumbo With Mother "Baby Mine" 2001 Animator's Choice
   Yzma "Calculating Conspirator" NLE - 500 pces
   Whales "Soaring in the Clouds" NLE - 2000 pcs
   First Aiders Base "Base" Open Edition
   Willie the Giant "Big Trouble" 2000 Disneyana Convention

NLE - 1,250 pcs

   Donald Duck "Good Scouts" 2008 Membership Gift
   Nephew Duck "A Real Trooper" 2008 Membership Gift Completer
   Hade's Chariot "Hade's Chariot" Open Edition
   Goofy "Batter Up" Open Edition
   Judge Claude Frollo "Malevolent Magistrate" NLE - 750 pcs
   Mickey Mouse "Mickey Then and Now" Open Edition
   Mickey and Field Mouse "It All Started with a Field Mouse" 20th Anniversary Sculpture
   King Louie "Orangutango-Jango!" NLE - 750 pcs
   King Louie's Temple "King Louie's Temple" Production Year 1997
   Vultures "Things are Right Dead All Over" NLE - 1,000 pcs
   Stitch "Trick..." Open Edition
   Lilo ".. or Treat" Open Edition
   Scar "Life's Not Fair, Is It?" 2001 Villains Series
   Simba, Nala, Zazu and Base "Various" NLE - 1994 pcs
   Chef Louis and Sebastian "Zut Alors! I Have Missed One!" Production Year 2006
   King Triton and Ariel "Morning, Daddy!" 2004 Gold Circle Exclusive

NLE - 1,989 pcs

   Mickey Mouse "A Little Off the Top" NLE - 3,500 pces
   Minnie Mouse "Minnie's Garden" Open House
   Jiminie Cricket "The Ghost of Christmas Past" Open Edition Ornament
   Mickey Mouse "And A Merry Christmas to You..." Open Edition Ornament
   Minnie Mouse "Mrs. Cratchit" Open Edition Ornament
   Scrooge McDuck "Bah-Humbug!" Open Edition
   Goofy "All Wrapped Up" NLE - 2,002 pcs
   Goofy (Dippy Dawg) "Goofy's Debut" NLE - 5,000 pcs
   Mickey Mouse "Behind the Camera" NLE - 500 pcs
   Boo "Kitty!" Open Edition
   Mike "It's Been Fun" Open Edition
   Sulley "Good-bye, Boo!" Open Edition
   Grandma Fa & Cri-Kee "I've Got All the Luck We Need!" NLE - 500 pcs
   Bat Kid "Terrifying Tyle" Production Year 2009
   Corpse Child "Ghoulish Glee" Open Edition
   Cyclops "Myopic Monster" Production Year 2011
   Devil "Debonair Demon" production Year 2010
   Fountain "Frightful Fountain" Open Edition
   Harlequin Demon "Multi-Tentacled Monstrosity" Production Year 2012
   Jack Skellington "Accolades All Around" Open Edition
   Mr. Hyde "Macabre Madman" Production Year 2011
   Mummy Boy "Wide-Eye Wonder" Production Year 2008
   Oogie Boogie "I'm Mr. Oogie Boogie" Open Edition
   Sally "Otherwordly Ovation" NLE - 750 pcs
   Santa Jack "Jack's Back!" NLE - 1,000 pcs
   Scary Teddy & Killer Duck "Pedatory Presents" Open Edition
   Undersea Gal "Briny Beauty" Production Year 2010
   Vampire Quartet "Fiendish Fans" NLE - 750 pcs
   WereWolf "Howling Horror" Production Year 2007
   Witches "Enamored Enchantresses" Production Year 2008
   Goofy "Torchbearer" NLE - 2,008 pcs
   Bed Base "Bed Base" Open Edition
   Captain Hook "Silver-Tongued Scoundrel" NLE - 500 pcs
   Captain Hook's Ship "The Jolly Roger" NLE - 10,000 pcs
   Peter Pan Window Base "Window Base" Open Edition
   Tinker Bell Base "All Downhill from Here" 2001 Special Purchase
   Geppetto's Toy Hutch "Geppetto's Toy Creations" Production Year 1998
   Geppetto's Toy Shop "Geppetto's Toy Shop" Open Edition
   Goofy "Tis' the Season to be Jolly" Production Year 1999
   Goofy Ornament "Tis' the Season to be Jolly" Production Year 1999
   Dr. Facilier "Sinister Shadow Man" NLE - 500 pcs
   Fifi "Flirtatious Fifi" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "Brought You Somthing" Open Edition
   Minnie Mouse "Oh, It's Swell" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "Maniacal Mouse" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "Somethin' Fishy" Open Edition
   Dwarfs on a Log "Heigh-Ho ..." 2009 Signature Series

NLE - 750 pcs

   Evil Queen "Enthroned Evil" 2000 Villains Series
   Grumpy "Cantankerous Cumudgeon" 2011 Fall Event NLE - 2,500
   Hearth "The Dwarf's Hearth" Open Edition
   Snow White / Seven Dwarfs "Soups On!" 2000 Signature Series

NLE 1,937 pcs

   Brer Bear "A Hankering for Hare" Production Year 2011
   Daisy Duck "What a Gal" Open Edition
   Goofy "A Real Knee-Slapper" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "A Swell Pal" Open Edition
   Minnie Mouse "A Real Sweetheart" Open Edition
   Pluto "A Faithful Friend" Open Edition
   Tinker Bell "Playful Pixie" Open Edition
   Steamboat "Steamboat" Production Year 1998
   Sylvester Macaroni "Symphony Hour" NLE - 12,500 pcs
   Hitchhiking Ghosts "Beware of the Hitchhiking Ghosts" NLE - 1,500 pcs
   Fantasyland Arch Base "Arch Base" 2001 WDAC Convention
   Mr. Smee on Peter Pan's Flight "Mr. Smee's Flight" 2003 WDAC Convention

NLE - 500 pcs

   Max Hare and Toby Tortoise "The Blue Streak and Slow But Sure" 2000 Duo Series
   Mickey Mouse "Rah, Rah, Mickey" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse (Black and White) "Quick Draw Cowboy" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse (Color Version) "Quick Draw Cowboy" 2004 WDAC Commissioned
   Minnie Mouse (Black and White) "Cutest Li'l Cowgirl" Open Edition
   Minnie Mouse (Color Version) "Cutest Li'l Cowgirl" 2004 WDAC Convention Commissioned
   Peg Leg Pete "Ornery Outlaw" Production Year 2007
   Cactus (Black and White) "Cactus" Production Year 2007
   Cactus (Color Version) "Cactus" 2004 WDAC Commissioned
   Donald, Tree, TV, Nephews "Hat Trick" NLE - 1,000 pcs