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Chris Peterson

Website: Chris Peterson Design Website

Chris Peterson wanted to be an artist and work for The Disney Studios ever since he was a young boy. His Aunt Karen was an Assistant Animator on Jungle Book and that inspired him, with her help Chris got his start working in Animation at the age of fifteen and got his first of many screen credits on The Horse That Played Center Field.

Chris really loved to draw and sculpt cartoon characters, he is self taught. He sculpted his first two WDCC pieces in 1994 Lady in Love and Tramp in Love, he sculpted several more WDCC pieces over the years. Chris has also sculpted for Lenox Collections, Olszewski Disney Storytime, Harmony Kingdom, Starlite By Legends and The Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection for Goebel.

Chris and his wife Michelle live in Ventura CA with their two dogs, two cats, a dozen or so Koi fish and a Mojave desert tortoise. He still loves to draw and sculpt.

"I am truly blessed and consider it an honor to have been a part of the team of artists that created this amazing collection."

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Chris Peterson's Sculptures



Type of Release

   Lucky / Ottoman "Lucky" 1995 Open House Ornament
   Lucky & TV "Come On Lucky..." Open Edition
   Perdita w/ Puppies Patient Perdita" Open Edition
   Pongo and Perdita "Going to the Chapel" NLE 2,000 pcs
   Pongo with Puppies "Proud Pongo" Open Edition
   Rolly "I'm Hungry Mother" Open Edition
   Newspaper / Puppies "Go Get Him Thunder!" Open Edition
   Mad Hatter / March Hare "A Verry Merry Unbirthday" NLE 2,500 pcs
   Amos Mouse "Pint-sized Patriot" 2003 Dealer Exclusive
   Dog Footstool "Frisky Footstool" Open Edition
   Hat Rack "Hospitable Hat Rack" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "What A Swell Day..." Celebration Series
   Fairy Godmother "Bibbity, Bobbidy, Boo" 1996 Fall Event
   Gus / Jaq Miniatures "One Mouse or Two?" Open Edition
   Dress Mannequin "Mannequin" Open Edition
   Mice in Sewing Basket "Surprise!" Open Edition
   Lucifer "Catnap Interrupted" Open Edition
   Timothy Mouse "Friendship Offering" 1998 Members Only Ornament
   Ben Ali Gator "Ben Ali Gator" Open Edition
   Hyacinth Hippo "Hyacinth Hippo" Open Edition
   Sorcerer Mickey "The Magic of Mickey" 2003 Disney CC Exclusive
   Dory "Unforgettable" Open Edition
   Finding Nemo Base "Base" Open Edition
   Marlin "Father Knows Best" Open Edition
   Nemo "Little Fin, Big Heart" Open Edition
   Lady "Lady in Love" Open Edition
   Si and Am "If You Please..." 2002 Duos Series
   Tramp "Tramp in Love" Open Edition
   Simba "Simba" 1998 Spring Ornament
   Clown / Tear Away Face "A Frightful Sight" Open Edition
   Donald Duck "Away We Go!" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "Watch Me!" Open Edition
   Minnie Mouse "Wheee!" Open Edition
   On Ice Base "Base" Open Edition
   Peter Pan Window base "Base / Tinker Bell Mini" Open Edition
   Figaro / Cleo "Purfect Kiss" Open Edition
   Chip and Dale "Little Mischief Makers" Figurine
   Chip and Dale "Little Mischief Makers" Ornament
   Donald Duck "Fa la la ..." Figurine
   Donald Duck "Fa la la ..." Ornament
   Lamppost Base "Base" Production Year 2000
   Minnie Mouse "Caroler Minnie" Figurine
   Minnie Mouse "Caroler Minnie" Ornament
   Pluto "Pluto Helps Decorate" Figurine
   Pluto "Pluto Helps Decorate" Ornament
   Santa Candle "Santa Candle" Production Year 1997
   Dopey "Bedazzled" 2002 Fall Premiere Event
   Hag "Evil to the Core" 2004 Villains Series
   Train / Mickey "I Have Always Loved Trains" NLE 1,000 pcs
   Mad Hatter "A Mad Whirl" NLE - 750 pcs
   Mr Toad / Jalopy "Wild Ride" 2002 Disneyana Conv.
   Nephew Duck "Li'l Devil" Open Edition
   Nephew Duck "Li'l Spook" Open Edition
   Nephew Duck "Li'l Witch" Open Edition
   Trick or Treat Base "Base" Open Edition
   Witch Hazel "Brewing Up Trouble" Open Edition