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Margi Wray

Website: Margi's Website

Margi earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from the University of Illinois and has had an exciting career: from working as a goldsmith and wax carver for the jewelry industry to sculpting for the most recognized collectible and toy industry manufacturers.

Margi’s clients are widely recognizable names like, Mattel, American Greetings, Hallmark, Ashton-Drake, Lenox Collections, Enesco, Walt Disney Consumer Products, MGA Entertainment, Spin Master, Jada Toys and Jakks Pacific.

She takes pride in a craftsman approach to her work, focusing on detail, doing her own molding and casting of resins. She is hands-on from beginning to end.

Margi Wray's Sculptures



Type of Release

   Cinderella "Wistful Dreamer" 2007 Membership Gift
   Cinderella Cake Topper "Happily Ever After" Open Edition
   Cinderella "The Gift of Kindness" 4th Release in Series - Open Edition
   Peg "Dog Pound Diva" 1st in Collectors Choice Series
   Mulan "Perfectly Poised" 2006 Fall Event

Numbered Limited Edition  3,500

   Tinker Bell "Blithe Spirit" Open Edition
   Tinker Bell "Mischief Maker" 2008 Fall Event LE - 2000

1st Release in Disney Artist Series

1st Release in Tinker Bell Seasons Series

   Tinker Bell "Winter in Bloom" 2011 Winter Event LE - 3,000

4th Release in Disney Artist Series

2nd Release in Tinker Bell Seasons Series

   Tinker Bell (Whiteware) "Winter in Bloom" 2001 Winter Event LE - 200

2011 Gold Circle Exclusive

   Pocahontas "Legendary Beauty" 3rd release in Leading Ladies Series
   Briar Rose/Prince Phillip "Chance Encounter" Open Edition
   Snow White "Sweet Temptation" Open Edition
   Tinker Bell "A Touch of Magic" 2005 Disney Bank One Visa Exclusive

Time Limited