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WDCC Whiteware

The final clay sculpt is cut into pieces and a plaster mold of each piece is made. The more complex and delicate the sculpture, the more pieces are needed. Some WDCC scuptures used up to 40 individual pieces! Liquid clay is poured into the molds and partially air dried into greenware pieces. These pieces are then reassembled. The greenware is sprayed with a translucent glaze and fired in a brick kiln creating whiteware. Some of these unpainted pieces can still be found and added to your collection as beautiful accent pieces.

101 Dalmations
Adv of Ichabod / Mr. Toad
Alice In Wonderland
Aristocats, The
Art of Skiing
Band Concert, The
Beach Picnic
Beauty and the Beast
Ben and Me
Brave Little Tailor
Brother Bear
Bug's Life, A
Canine Caddy
Chef Donald
Chicken Little
Comic Book Companions
Davy Crockett
Delivery Boy, The
Disney Holiday Cards
Dognapper, The
Don Donald
Donald Finds Pirate Gold
Donald Gets Drafted
Donald's Better Self
Double Dribble
Emperor's New Groove
Fantasia 2000
Finding Nemo
First Aiders
Fox and Hound
Fun and Fancy Free
Good Scouts
Goofy and Wilbur
Great Mouse Detective
Hawaiin Holiday
How to Play Baseball
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Incredibles, The
Jungle Book
Lady and the Tramp
Lilo and Stitch
Lion King, The
Little Hiawatha
Little Mermaid, The
Little Whirlwind, The
The Love Bug
Magician Mickey
Main Street Electrical Parade
Make Mine Music
Mary Poppins
Melody Time
Members Only: Display
Mickey Cuts Up
Mickey Mouse Club, The
Mickey's Birthday Party
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Mickey's Fire Brigade
Mickey's Gala Premiere
Mickey's Orphans
Mickey's Revue
Minnie Through the Years
Monsters, Inc.
Moving Day
Mr. Duck Steps Out
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
Nifty Nineties, The
Nightmare Before Christmas
Old Mill, The
Olympic Champ, The
On Ice
Orphan's Benefit
Out of Scale
Pete's Dragon
Peter Pan
Pirates of the Caribbean
Plane Crazy
Pluto's Christmas Tree
Prince and the Pauper, The
Princess and the Frog, The