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Jacqueline Perreault (Gonzales)

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Jacqueline Perreault (Gonzales) dreamed of being a sculptor for as long as she can remember. Raised in New York, one of seven children, Jacqueline spent her youngest years drawing and carving things out of whatever materials she could find.

Jacqueline is one of the talented artists who brought shape, form and emotion to the award-winning WDCC porcelain sculptures.

Jacqueline's Sculptures



Type of Release

   Aladdin Miniature "Aladdin" 2006 Cave of Wonders Set
   Alice / Dinah "Riverbank Reverie" NLE - 1,500 pcs
   Bambi / Thumper "Just Eat the Blossoms..." 2010 Only
   Belle / Beast "The Spell if Lifted" NLE 2,000 pcs
   Babette "Flirtatious Feather-duster" Open Edition
   Cogsworth "Meticulous Major Domo" Open Edition
   Lumiere "Candlestick Casanova" Open Edition
   Mrs. Potts / Chip "Tea-toting Twosome" Open Edition
   Jaq / Gus "Tiny Tailors" Open Edition
   Jaq / Gus "Saving Cinderelly" 2010 Only
   Figment "Figment Pigment" LE 750
   Space Suit Figment "Journey Into Imagination" LE 750
   Noble Knight Figment "Noble Knight" NLE 750
   Donald Duck "Not a Peep" Open Edition
   Goofy "Tread Lightly" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "Shhhhh" Open Edition
   Singing Harp "Beautiful Diversion" Open Edition
   Willies Chest Accessory "Accessory" Open Edition
   Basil / Mr. Dawson "Curious Clue" Open Edition
   Donald Duck "Tropical Tempo" Open Edition
   Donald Duck "Wiki Wiki Waterfowl" NLE 750
   Goofy "Swell Surfer" Open Edition
   Mickey Mouse "Hawaiian Harmony" Open Edition
   Minnie Mouse "Swaying Sweetheart" Open Edition
   Minnie Mouse "Minnie Now and Then" Open Edition
   Lady "Warm Welcome" Open Edition
   Stitch "Greetings from Paradise" NLE 4,000 pcs
   Little Hiawatha / Bunny "Mighty Hunter" Open Edition
   Ariel / Sebastian "He Loves Me..." NLE - 1,500 pcs
   Tinker Bell "A Splash of Spring" LE 1,500 pcs
   Tinker Bell "Enchanting Encounter" NLE 1,500 pcs
   Alan-A-Dale "Rural Raconteur" 2011 Only
   Archimedes / Wart "Wizards Duel" NLE 750
   Rapunzel "Braided Beauty" NLE - 750
   Helmsman Pirate "It Be Too Late..." Open Edition
   Ugly Duckling "A Loving Embrace" Open Edition
   Dug "Proud Pooch" 2012 Only
   Roger Rabbit "Two Bits!" Open Edition