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Gwen Dutcher

Gwen Dutcher was born in Medillin, Colombia and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. She began sculpting at the age of about 13.

In 1996 she began her career as a full-time commercial sculptor for the Walt Disney Company in Burbank.

"As much as I love Pre-Raphaelite and Neo-Classical art, I must admit an extreme fondness for many of the classic Disney characters," states Gwen. "Creating sculptures for the Walt Disney Classics Collection really allows me, as an artist, to delve deep into my passion for creating imagery with a sense of emotion and movement -- the Disney characters certainly allow me to explore a full range of emotions and, of course plenty of action and exaggerated movement."

Gwen now lives with her husband and four boys in Oregon. "I still love to sculpt and look forward to having time to actually produce the ideas that are knocking around in my head."

Gwen Dutcher's Sculptures



Type of Release

   White Rabbit "No Time to Say Hello, Good-bye!" 1999 Members Only Ornament
   Berlioz "Little Rascal" Open Edition

650 Backstamped Sets

   Duchess "Fetching Feline" Open Edition

650 Backstamped Sets

   Marie "Coquettish Kitty" Open Edition

650 Backstamped Sets

   Sofa Base Aristocats Sofa Open Edition
   Thomas O'Malley "O'Malley the Alley Cat" Open Edition

650 Backstamped Sets

   Toulouse "Little Tiger" Open Edition

650 Backstamped Sets

   Thumper "Belly Laugh" 2000 Spring Event Ornament
   Belle And Beast "She Didn't Shudder at my Paw" 2000 Gold Circle Exclusive

NLE 1,991 pcs

   Belle and Beast Portrait Series LE - The Disney Store Exclusive
   Cinderella and Prince Charming "Fairy Tale Wedding" Open Edition

Cake Topper

   Dumbo with Timothy Mouse "When I See an Elephant Fly" 1998 Fall Ornament Event
   Tin Soldier and Ballerina "Gift of Love" NLE - 2,000 pcs
   Hercules "From Zero to Hero" 1998 Tribute Series
   Pegasus and Baby Hercules "A Gift from the Gods" 1997 Fall Ornament Event
   Esmerelda and Quasimodo "Not A Single Monster Line" 1997 Tribute Series
   Junior "Hup 2-3-4" 2003 Members Only Figurine
   Lady & Cradle "Welcome Little Darling" Open Edition
   Lady in Hatbox "A Perfectly Beautiful Little Lady" 1999 Membership Gift
   Ariel, Eric & Flounder "Kiss the Girl" 2001 Gold Circle Exclusive

NLE - 2,500 pcs

   Tinker Bell "Little Charmer" 2001 Membership Gift
   Pocahontas "Listen with Your Heart" 1996 Tribute Series
   Mickey Mouse "On Top of the World" 2000 Membership Gift