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Villains Series

Maleficent (1997)

The Mistress of All Evil

Jafar (1998)

Oh, Mighty Evil One

Cruella De Vil (1999)

It's That De Vil Woman!

Evil Queen (2000)

Enthroned Evil

Scar (2001)

Life's Not Fair, Is It?

Stromboli (2002)

You Will Make Lots of Money For Me!

Captain Hook (2003)

Accompaniment To Betrayal

Hag (2004)

Evil To The Core

Gaston (2005)

Scheming Suitor

Kaa (2006)

Trust In Me

Ursula (2007)

Devilish Diva

Queen of Hearts (2008)

Who's Been Painting My Roses Red?

Shere khan (2009)

Savage Sophisticate

Dr. Facilier (2011)

Sinister Shadow Man

Lady Tremaine (2012)

Manipulative Matriach