Villains Series

If you love Disney Villains like I do, then this is the series for you! Our favorite Disney Villains had some amazing moments and WDCC captured some of the best ones!

The Mistress of All Evil
1997 Sculpture
Oh, Mighty Evil One
1998 Sculpture
It's That De Vil Woman!
1999 Sculpture
Enthroned Evil
2000 Sculpture
Life's Not Fair, Is It?
2001 Sculpture
You Will Make Lots ...
2002 Sculpture
Accompaniment To Betrayal
2003 Sculpture
Evil To The Core
2004 Sculpture
Scheming Suitor
2005 Sculpture
Trust In Me
2006 Sculpture
Devilish Diva
2007 Sculpture
Who's Been Painting ...
2008 Sculpture
Savage Sophisticate
2009 Sculpture
Sinister Shadow Man
2011 Sculpture
Manipulative Matriach
2012 Sculpture