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The Creation of WDCC Sculptures

Deciding on the exact moment

Once the character and scene are selected, artists pour over original drawings, model sheets, background paintings and finished cels. By studying all the movement detail and subtle cues in line and form, artists can discover the specific film moment that defines the essence of the character, capturing the personality that reaches beyond the one particular scene.


Working from hundreds of reference materials, artists sketch various angles of the character pose for sculpting. Research and intuition tell them to bend an eyebrow to hint at the thoughts behind it, or stretch the line of a robe to indicate a turn. These drawings go through many critiques and revisions before the final concept is approved.


The final drawing - and all the reference material - then go to the sculptor. Meticulously shaping the clay, the sculptor must ask "What does this character look like from every angle - including many that were never drawn before?" Disney animators help find the answer, and like the concept sketch, the clay sculpture is revised again and again before the final form is approved.