Kent Melton

James Kent Melton started drawing when he was one. An artist of natural talent, he grew up in rural Southern Missouri, and attended a school without art classes. Not surprisingly, one of his favorite childhood television shows was "The Wonderful World of Disney".

Persuing his art interests, he moved to California, working on projects for live-action films. It was then he was called upon by the Walt Disney Company to sculpt animation character models (Maquettes) for the feature animated film "Aladdin". From that moment on, he made countless maquette sculptures, entrusted by the animators in bringing their two-dimensional drawings into a three-dimensional world.

Mr. Melton passed peacefully in his sleep February 22, 2024 at 68 years of age. He was surrounded by so much warmth in his art studio, with a lit fire, his wife Martha at his side and his children and pets nearby.

We all have so many happy memories of Kent who was such an amazing man; full of kindness, humor, talent, an admiration for great art, and an unlimited capacity to love his family and adore his wife. He will never be forgotten and will live on in his amazing work, which will be treasured for eternity.

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