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It All Started With a Mouse!

"We hope you enjoy this celebration of the characters and settings that live at the heart of our fondest Disney memories."

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Kent Melton, Disney Sculptor

"I was creating maquette sculptures for the animated films and was asked to work on a new collectible line called the Walt Disney Classics Collection. I had seen various porcelain figurines before and I was very skeptical of what could be done in this medium. However, I decided to see a couple of the initial figurines. When I saw the "Field Mouse" piece in all its detail, I was astonished. I knew right then that I wanted to be an integral part of the project".

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Background and History

1991 -

The collection debuted with teaser ads for retailers in the Fall 1991 trade magazine issue. The Field Mouse from Bambi was unveiled and excitement mounted. This was the first collection where the Disney Company had produced their own line of Disney figurines.

1992 -

The Walt Disney Classics Collection premiered in July 1992. After months of painstaking work, the first sculptures were shipped to dealers in October of 1992.

2012 -

After more than 20 years, the Walt Disney Classics Collection came to a close. At the end of 2012, Enesco parted ways with the line. Precious Moments stepped in to take over the role, but following much negative feedback surrounding these new collectibles, the entire series was cancelled.

Now -

WDCC pieces have become highly collectible. Due to their intricate, hand-painted designs featuring favorite and memorable Disney characters; collectors now have decades of fine figures to enjoy as prices climb higher on the resale market for these fragile and increasingly rare pieces.

The Caboodle Story

WDCC Caboodles Limited was created so collectors could get together once again to celebrate this wonderful collection.

Walt Disney Classics Collection

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is the only collection of fine animation scuptures created using the time-honored principles of Disney film animation. As a result, each sculpture captures all the emotion and magic of the unforgettable characters and settings created by Disney.

This collection truly has something for everyone:

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Collectors Society

The quality and value of this collection attracted a large number of collectors. A Society was formed to bring together these collectors and create additional excitement.

Signature Marks

Each sculpture bears a backstamp with Walt Disney's signature and an incised or decal production-year mark that symbolizes a milestone in Disney history.

Special Events

Sculpture event releases and the special promotional items available at these events.

Choosing the Moment

It was very important to find that specific film moment that defines the essence of each character, capturing the personality that reached beyond any particular scene.


Beautiful accent pieces for your collection, these unpainted sculptures can be tricky to find!

Facts and Firsts

Suggested Retail Price List. Please note that these are the prices AT THE TIME OF PRINT ... they do not reflect the current values, but only the issue value at the time the list was printed.