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Valerie Edwards

Valerie Edwards joined The Walt Disney company in 1988. She spent over two decades as the Director and Chief Sculptor for Walt Disney Imagineering.

She is currently a merchandise provider for Disney theme parks and an independent sculptor.

She has 35 years experience in arts, entertainment and product development.

Through the years, Valerie was responsible for creating some of the most challenging sculptures ever released with WDCC including "I'm Losing to a Rug".

Valerie greatly enjoys her work and definately has an eye toward making things "believable", which is key in the "pixie-dust" element behind her Disney magic.

Valerie Edwards' Sculptures



Type of Release

   Flik "Invertarate Inventor" Open Edition
   Princess Atta "Pampered Princess" Open Edition
   Genie "I'm Losing To A Rug" NLE 12,500 pces
   Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum "Riddles 'n' Rhymes and

Puzzles 'n' Poems"

2001 Duos Series

LE 200

   Cogsworth "Just in Time" Open Edition
   Lumiere "Vive L'Amour!" Open Edition
   Mrs. Potts and Chip "Good Night, Luv" Open Edition
   Rose Table "The Enchanted Rose" Open Edition
   Wardrobe "You'll Look Ravishing in This One" Open Edition
   Chicken Little "Second Chance Champ" Open Edition
   Cinderella's Coach "An Elegant Coach for Cinderella" Open Edition
   Lady Tremaine's Table "Lady Tremaine's Table" Open Edition
   Casey, Jr. "All Aboard! Let's Go!" Open Edition
   Gazebo "Pastoral Setting" NLE 3,000
   Duke "Drumming Up A Dream" NLE 2,000
   Flamingo "Flamingo Fling" NLE 2,000
   Elvis' Stitch "Long Live the King" Open Edition - Spotlight Collection
   Ariel's Grotto "Ariel's Secret Grotto" Open Edition
   Grandpa's House "Nestled in the Snow" 1996 Dated Annual
   Grandpa's House "Nestled in the Snow" 1996 Dated Annual Ornament
   Lil' Toot "Tuggin' and Tootin" Open Edition
   Mickey & Minnie Mouse "Top Hat and Tails and All Dolled Up" 2003 Fall Event

NLE 7,500 pcs

   Pedro "Cleared for Take Off" 2002 Members Only
   Sleeping Beauties' Dress "A Dress a Princess Can Be Proud Of" NLE 5,000 pcs
   Spinning Wheel "Spinning an Evil Spell" Open Edition
   Woodcutter's Cottage "Woodcutter's Cottage" Open Edition
   Seven Dwarf's Cottage "Seven Dwarf's Cottage" Open Edition
   Heartbox "Deadly Intent" Open Edition
   Susie "Isn't She A Beauty" Open Edition
   Benny the Cab "The Meter's Running" Open Edition