Victoria Millan

is best known for her Limited Edition promotional accessories and bases created to accompany the WDCC figurines. As a young girl, she was inspired by all that was art, fashion and Disney. In 1996 she became one of the first independent designers to create and develop exclusive promotional pieces for WDCC Gold Circle Dealers.

She is currently located in California.

Martine Millan brought life to the scenes by designing items made from resin, crystal, wood and acrylic mediums. Martine is passionate about the esthetic of her designs, detail, scale, and the use of color mix. She knew the importance of keeping the design true to the movie.

Many of the Martine Millan Designs were branded with WDCC logo and characters and some of the Limited Editions were individually numbered. Select pieces were signed or had a letter or card of authenticity.

Martine Millan Designs

Was A Product Development Company located at 232 So. Berendo St. Suite 3, Los Angeles, CA 90004. (Website: htptp:// Victoria envsioned and designed items that she then had produced by different artists and suppliers.

# Image Name Set Retail Price Wholesale Price
Whole New World Base Aladdin $ $
Genie Jewel Cut Base Aladdin $125 $65
Glass Lamp Aladdin $ $
Crystal Card Guard Alice in Wonderland $ $
Crystal Hat Alice in Wonderland $ $
Crystal Butterfly Bambi $ $
Tree Base Bambi $185 $95
Thumper Tree Base Bambi $99 $50
Ballroom Base Beauty and the Beast $325 $155
Cake Display Cinderella $ $
Crystal Clock Tower Cinderella $ $
Crystal Coach Cinderella $ $
Crystal Slipper Cinderella $ $
Gold Spoon Cinderella $ $
Table Chef Donald TBD TBD
Acrylic Base Dumbo $ $
Pride Rock Base Lion King $225 $112.50
Batter Up Base How .. Baseball $ $
Shere Khan Grass Base Jungle Book $ $
Shere Khan Acrylic Base Jungle Book $ $
Crystal Palm Tree Jungle Book $ $
Acryilc Simba Base Lion King $ $
Acrylic Carp Base The Little Mermaid $ $
Under the Sea Backdrop The Little Mermaid $ $
Acrylic Ursula Base The Little Mermaid $ $
MP Willow Base Mary Poppins $190 $97
Orphans Base Mickey's Orphans $180 $90
Bed and Rug Monsters, Inc $ $
Crystal Fan Mulan $ $
Cherry Blossom Base Mulan $180 $90
Haunted Bridge Nightmare B C $195 $98
Cemetary Nightmare B C $195 $97.5
Moon Backdrop Nightmare B C $175 $85
Scary Tree, Pumpkin Head / Night $150 $75
Window Backdrop w/ Rug Peter Pan $195 $99
Acrylic Puppy Love Base Pupppy Love $ $
Crystal Spinning Wheel Sleeping Beauty $ $
Blown Glass Spinning Wheel Sleeping Beauty $ $
Magic Mirror Snow White $225 $105
Starting Line Banner Tortoise / Hare $ $
Directors Base Walt Disney $195 $97.50