Dealer / Member Displays:

Retail Display Programs were designed to highlight the Collection's beauty, enhance its perceived value, boost impulse buying and underscore the commitment to making the Walt Disney Classics Collection a long-term, lucrative profit center in each of the stores that carried it.

Brass accents, lighted glass showcases, elegant pedestals and vitrines, eye-catching pendants and other decorative and funcational accessories were created to further display and enhance these treasures.

Promotional Items and Displays

There were many promotional items and displays created to go with the WDCC line, here is a list of the items we have found.

Top of the Line

WDCC Cabinets

Beautifully made and featuring thick green glass, these cabinets were trimmed and finished on all four sides; they look amazing from every angle. They are the perfect crowning touch to any Walt Disney Classics Collection.

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