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Susie - Isn't She a Beauty?

The Little Blue Coupe

Issue Price: $75

Sculptor:Valerie Edwards

Size: 3-3/4"

Item Number: 11K-46072-0 or 1212444

Plussing: Bronze Antenna. Shiny cobalt blue showroom paint job.

Closed: 06/04

Considered part of the "unofficial" Transportation Series that consists of Casey, Jr., Lil' Toot, Pedro and Susie, the Little Blue Coupe.

Susie - The Little Blue Coupe is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures on June 6, 1952.

The eight-minute film was based on an original short-story by Bill Peet.

"Susie - The Little Blue Coupe"