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Walt Disney Classics Collection

Disney carefully designed each figurine so that the final sculpture looks like the original character in the movie.

Learning About the Classics

The Disney team spent three years in research to study the old classics characters and decide the best pose and method to sculpt them.

First of it's kind

This Collection was the first time that the Disney Company had produced on their own line of Disney figurines.

Learn how WDCC Sculptures were made.


As one of Disney's most beautiful collections, WDCC offers an amazing variety of sculptures, accessories and bases designed to impress every collector, no matter big or small.

WDCC Numbers

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is a series of well-made porcelain figurines which feature characters from Disney animated and live-action films. Started back in 1992, it was an instant hit.

Official Number of WDCC
Cost of Entire Collection
Issue Price - In USD
Years in the making

WDCC Caboodle Events

Sculpture Events

Our Limited Editions were hand-sculpted in classic WDCC style. They were numbered and signed and came in a WDCC Caboodles box with COA.

LE Projects
Current Events

Throughout the year we try to feature several different events to ensure that all of our members have the opportunity to add to their collections.

Current Events
Past Events

Listed here are the events that have been held in the past, showcasing the items and prices that the auction items were sold for.

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Choose your favorite

With a variety of collections available from Walt Disney Classics Collection, it is easy to choose the ones that best fit your own taste and desires.