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Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent

Evil Enchantress

Issue Price: $185

Sculptor: Kent Melton

Size: 10"

Item Number: 11K-41345-0 or 1200946

Plussing: Aventure Stone on top of the staff.

Details: 1999 Fall Special Event, Closed 10/99

A special gold script message "40th Anniversary" was added to the backstamp. Some of the backstamps were done in teal rather than the gold. Hand numbered.

"You poor simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. ME, the Mistress of ALL Evil! Well here's y our precious princess!"

Promotional Items

- Event Postcard

- Event Button

- Spinning Wheel Charm

- Whiteware with Base

- Long Sleeved TShirt

- "Maleficent in Flames" Lenticular

- Commemorative Lithograph

- Etched Paperweight