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Tim Bruckner

Website: Tim's Website

Tim Bruckner was born in Santa Monica, CA, at St. John's Hospital a little after 8:00 on the morning on October, 15th, 1950. Honestly, he doesn't remember too much about it. He knows he was there, because his uncle took a picture shortly thereafter.

His clearest memory of sculpting was when he was seven. He used to sculpt little heads of the seven dwarves out of the wax tubes that a disgustingly sweet liquid was packaged in. He's not sure if it's an irony, but from the very beginning, he was a wax sculptor. He uses a different kind of wax now and stays away from sweets, for the most part.

He started working professionally at eighteen as a jeweler's apprentice/wax carver. It was the single most valuable endeavor he's ever done. It taught him more in those two years than he could have learned in four times the time anywhere else.

A partial client list (partial because he can't remember all the crap he made and for whom he made it. Another small mercy): DC Direct, Mattel, Kenner, Hasbro, Toy Biz, Bowen Designs, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Electric Tiki, Reel Arts, Enesco, Dakin, The Hamilton Group, Hallmark, Applause, American Greetings, Department 56, Ashton Drake, Franklin Mint, Geometric, Graham Nash, Harry Nilsson and the Danbury Mint.

For the past 23 years he and his wife and their two kid have lived and thrived on a 40-acre hobby farm (they were twig farmers early on) outside a small town in western Wisconsin. They have three dogs, one horse and, in the summer, more frogs around the pond than you could shake a pair of noise-suppressing headphones at.

Tim Bruckner's Sculptures



Type of Release

   Captain Hook/Smee/Tiger Lily/Crocodile "An Irresistible Lure" NLE - 1,500
   Captain Barbossa "Black-hearted Brigand" 2007 Winter Event NLE - 2,500
   Captain Jack Sparrow "Swashbuckling Scoundrel" Open Edition
   Auctioneer and Redhead "We Wants the Redhead" 3rd Release in POC Series
   Jail Scene with Dog "Here, Give Us the Keys ya Scrawny Little Beast" 6th Release in POC Series

NLE - 750