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Paint Help

As usual always make sure the very first step is Properly cleaning your WDCC sculpture. (Click the link if you haven't done that yet.)

Click the photos for more detailed information.

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1. As you can see, someone else already tried to "FIX" this one so the next step will be to try to reverse what they did. You need to be very VERY careful and always be mindful of how fragile porcelain is. Click on each photo for more detailed information.

Gently pull off old tape, and remove any glue residue as best as you can. After everything is gone, clean away anything sticky and wash all of these parts.

2. Take your first piece, and double-check there is nothing still stuck on it. Hold it up to where you will try to reattach it so you can see exactly how it needs to fit.

3. Add a tiny bit of glue to the spot and then spread it around to cover the entire area. Do not use too much glue or it will spill out. Have a papertowel nearby in case you need to soak up any access.

4. Hold the pieces together and gently wiggle them to make sure you make a solid connection. Usually you can feel the right spot more than you can see it. It might come off several times before you make that connection but keep trying. Having a bit of patience will make all of the difference.

5. If you have large chips, or missing porcelain in your sculpture you can make a paste from glue and talc or baking powder to help fill in the holes. This can be then gently sanded before you paint it.

6. Gather many different shades of the color of paint you need as well as black and white. Mix them together until you find the perfect shade and dab it on to your sculpture. DO NOT use a felt pen as it can bleed into the porcelain and make a huge irreversible mess. Acrylic paint costs just a couple of dollars per bottle and is well worth the investment!