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Serious Repairs:

There are some repairs that crazy glue just can't handle. For example, pieces that are extremely heavy or need to hold up large parts.

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With some items you may need to add a small layer of clay for support. I usually use Magic Sculpt to make these types of repairs.

Remember that this is a PERMANENT solution, and that it is extremely difficult to remove it without damaging your sculpture so practice using it on something else first until you get the hang of it.

The first step in any repair is of course to clean it. (How to properly clean your sculpture.)

Second, you will make the repair using some type of epoxy glue or super glue first. Remember NOT to let the piece go after you attach it as it will not support it and you risk breaking the figure or getting a build-up of glue. Always make sure that it is first properly supported by something that can hold it in the same position for several hours.

Mix together two equal parts of your Magic sculpt, rolling and squishing it together until it is one solid color and there are no swirls.

Use several very small amounts to make a brace completely around your break. Use a tool to press it firmly down INTO the sculpture - but taking care not to use too much pressure. BE VERY CAREFUL.

You need to make this brace as smooth as possible as Magicsculpt will dry as hard as a rock and it will be very difficult to get rid of any access you might have.

Use water on your finger to make it even smoother and continue to rub until there is no visible joint between the clay and the sculpture.

Use a paper towel to blot up any excess water. This will now need to sit until it has completely set and is hard.

The last repair for this sculpture was on the front.

The plant can no longer reach it's normal resting spot, so I decided to make an longer stem to secure it to the ground with the least amount of pressure. Because it is all underneath and will not be seen I didn't have to worry as much about the joints between clay and sculpture.

When finished, put your sculpture somewhere safe for several hours to let it completely dry, usually overnight.

After it has dried, you can add paint to complete your repair. Once again, mix several different shades to obtain the perfect color match. You might need a few coats as paint sometimes dries to a different color.

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