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Cleaning for your WDCC Repair:

Ok, so these instructions are for if you have no other choice but to try to repair it yourself. Disclaimer: Please note that these methods are what works for us, and WDCC Caboodles does not take any responsibility for your own repairs. Please follow these instructions at your own risk.

Once again, for someone who has no experience with sculpture repair, I wouldn't suggest doing it yourself; but if there is no other choice, I do recommend trying rather than just throwing it out. Even if your results are not perfect, many times you can position the sculpture in your cabinet so people won't even notice that something is wrong.


As usual the very first step is cleaning your WDCC sculpture. Porcelain is a delicate ceramic product made from hard-fired clay. Due to it's fragile nature, porcelain needs to be handled with great care, especially when cleaning it.

Use a soft brush to wipe away any visible dirt.

1. First, remove any visable dust with a dry cloth or duster.

2. Next use a small, soft-bristled brush (such as a make-up brush) to extract dust from the tiny holes and crevices on the sculpture. 'Brush' the entire sculpture from top to bottom.

Use a QTip dipped in mild soapy water to gently scrub away marks.

3. Use a wet (Use warm soapy water) Q-tip to gently scrub away any marks or dirt. Leave the sculpture on a flat surface if at all possible rather than picking it up as it is very easy to drop or bump it as you work.

Try a baking soda paste to remove stubborn marks.

4. Always work slowly and very gently and wash every inch of your sculpture watching for old repairs that you might not have previously noticed. Remove stains with a water and baking soda paste. Never use a toothbrush or scourer pad to clean porcelain; use a soft cloth, Qtip or sponge and scrub with a very light hand.

5. You may need to repeat the process several times to get the results you want. Next use a paper towel to blot up any extra water.

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