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CABOODLE Questions and Answers- with Bruce Lau

Q: What was your first WDCC sculpt and what year was it sculpted? (Pam, USA)

A: I sculpted Jaq and Gus for the Cinderella set in 1990. Disney asked Patrick Simmons and I to each sculpt a rough version of them to “try out”. My sculptures were chosen, and I was hired. The rough sculpts were finalized by Schmid to make them easier for production, and were then shipped to Japan, Germany and finally sent to the Casday Co in Thailand for production.

Q: What is your Favorite sculpt the you created? (Stacey, USA)

A: I Like Donalds, Donald Drumbeat is one of my top choices.

Q: What character did you want to sculpt but did not have the chance to create for WDCC? (Mark, USA)

A: I had an idea to do a backlot series for WDCC, my first sculpt would have been the Firehouse. Disney encouraged me to work on this project, and I was allowed to reference the DWI backlot prints, but the idea was eventually tabled.

Q: Did you work on sculpts that were not produced? (Stacey, USA)

A: I originally sculpted a Jose Carioca for the 3 Cabs set, but the scale was wrong, so I made a smaller version that went with the final set. The larger one was scrapped. Another sculpt that I did not create but I know was made was a large butterfly for the Bambi set. It was out of scale and was not put in production.

Q: What was the average timeline from concept to finished product? (Reg, Canada)

A: It could take 1-2 years. Marketing would develop ideas; Dave Pacheco drew concepts for sculptors to use to make models. Dave was the art director for a number of years, did inspiring work and really breathed life into the characters.

Q: What Disney artists did you most enjoy collaborating with on WDCC and other Disney lines? (Pam, USA)

A: I loved working with Andreas Deja, Carl Barks, Frank and Ollie, so many amazing artists.

Q: What other Disney lines have you worked on? (Stacey, USA)

A: I did a number of Carl Barks and other pieces for the Disneyana Conventions. I created feature film maquettes for Fantasia 2000, some for Hercules, and Runaway Brain. I created multiple sculpts like Yoda, Mickeys and Minnie’s for the Grand Jester line..

Q: What can you tell us about the early days of WDCC? (Pam, USA)

A: Suzanne Lee proposed the line and wanted to capture the artistry of Disney, not to just make statues for sale. She had Carla Falberg, daughter of artist Carl Falberg who worked on Bambi sculpt the Field Mouse as an example of the charm of the film. Dave Pacheco was one of the early participants as well.

Q: How did you get hired by Disney? (Faye, USA)

A: I first worked for Landmark Ent. for 3 years. I brought my art portfolio to San Diego Comicon hoping to show it to some people there and luckily ran in to Willie Ito. Willie liked what he saw and got me in for an interview which led to employment with Disney!

Q: Any inside info you can share? (Stacey, USA)

A: I sculpted the initials of WDCC artists into the folds of the Jack in the Box for Fantasia 2000. .