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WDCC Caboodles Limited

WDCC Caboodles Limited began in March of 2016 when Lori created the WDCC Caboodles App for iphones. She needed a quick reference tool that would always be available at her fingertips that she could use for her collecting obsession. When she looked around, there was no such list available so she decided to make one. In October 2017, Stacey and Lori joined forces and started a facebook community - WDCC Caboodles where they began to gather Disney friends from around the globe. When online reference sites started to flicker and disappear - they realized that their own dedicated website was needed so that all Caboodlers would always have access to the information surrounding their favorite collection. Lori created a website and started adding the information. This continues to be a work in progress, but eventually Lori hopes to get all of the material from the app loaded as well as so much more! Because they both believe that it's not only the collection, but how you display it - they opened the Caboodle Store in June of 2018 using many of Stacey's great ideas and Lori's artistic creations. They incorporated the company in October of 2018 and in November of that same year they were thrilled to start their Limited Edition Project with some of the original WDCC artists trying to fill in some of the gaps that were left in the original WDCC collections.

Lori Bossert


Lori Bossert started collecting Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) sculptures in May 2015. Her very favorite room in the house is her Disneyroom, and she delights in sharing it with her children and new grandchildren.

She is currently the webdesigner, bookkeeper and graphic artist for her own company, Memory Magic Gifts located in Alberta, Canada where she creates personalized gifts and ships them worldwide.

She had approximately 12 years experience in painting with oils and acrylics, before she started to sculpt and work with different materials, silicone molds, resin casting and airbrushing. She loves to create the special display items she makes to go with her WDCC Collection and is thrilled that others enjoy and display them as well. Over the last couple of years, she started working with a laser cutter, embroidery machines and sublimation and enjoys all of the time spent in her workshop.

Stacey Nixon


Stacey Nixon started collecting WDCC in 1994 when she was gifted her first piece.

She is currently a buyer for a tech company located in the Silicon Valley.

Stacey has envisioned many scene enhancers and collaborates with Lori on creating the perfect additions to bring their collections to life. She is the driving force behind our online Auctions and spends countless hours first photographing and then carefully packaging and shipping all of the treasures that we find and sell in our auctions.

In October of 2017 Stacey was thrilled to finish her WDCC collection, obtaining at least one of every sculpture; but she still hunts for one-of-a-kinds or variations and accessories to enhance them. She seeks out artists and designers who have worked on the collection to bring an added layer to this already wonderful line.