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Lady and the Tramp

Trusty / Puppies

Issue Price: $150

Sculptor: Dusty Horner

Closed: 2003 Production only

3rd in Holiday Series

Size: 5" (Trusty) and 2" (Puppy)

Item Number: 1217792

Plussing: None

Production Changes: None.

The movie Lady and the Tramp begins and ends with Christmas. These joyful additions to the Walt Disney Classics Collection perfectly captures the warmhearted joy of the climatic holiday scene. The Lady and the Tramp Christmas Series made its debut in 2001. Each year, a 2-piece set was added and the set was finished in 2004. Each release was limited to that Production Year and all were sculpted by Dusty Horner.

Promotional Items

"Old Dog New Tricks" and "Playful Pup"