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Lady and the Tramp


Issue Price: $50

Sculptor: Gwen Dutcher

Closed: 12/99

1999 Membership Gift Sculpture

Size: 3-1/2"

Item Number: 11K-41327-0

Plussing: Opalescent ribbons.

Production Changes: None.

The movie Lady and the Tramp begins and ends with Christmas. "Lady in Hatbox" was sculpted by Gwen Dutcher and was the Member Gift Sculpture for all collectors who joined the Walt Disney Collectors Society in 1999. According to legend, the film's opening scene was based on an actual incident in Walt Disney's life. After he'd forgotten a dinner date with his wife, he made it up to her by offering her the puppy-in-the-hat-box surprise and was immediately forgiven.

Promotional Items

"A Perfectly Beautiful Little Lady"