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Soups On

Snow White

Issue Price: $1975

Sculptor: Patrick Romandy-Simmons

Size: 9 1/4" x 16" x 11 1/8"

Plussing: Bronze Goblets, Pewter spoons and forks, Clear Resin Soup, Wire frame on Doc's glasses

Item Number: 11K-46028-0 or 1210013

Notes: Presented in a special GOLD box instead of the standard Green.

2000 Signature Series.

Numbered Limited Edition 1,937 pieces

Soups On In June of 1937 the "Soups On" scene was cut from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They feared that it was running too long so it was cut immediately after the Dwarfs washed up for dinner.

The scene was never finished, but it was never forgotten. Years later, in 1957, Walt presented the clip on his television show, still only in pencil.

In the delightful scene, Snow White and the Dwarfs sit down for their dinner, and soon the slurping and clicking turns into a song, at least until Dopey swallows his spoon. This classic moment is honored as the first in the Signature Series of Sculptures.

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(Included in box)

Fun Fact: Hidden in the chairs wood grain are letters which spell out:
W - D - I - S - N - E - Y

W - Dopey on back of chair

D - Happy on top of chair

I - Bashful on back of chair

S - Grumpy on back of chair

N - Sleepy on back of seat

E - Doc on rear right chair leg

Y - Sneezy on back of chair