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Caboodle Extras - Mountain Waterfall Display Base

Mountain Waterfall Display Base

Handcrafted by: Lori Bossert

Design compliments of: Rudi Bagusat

Size: Approx.: (w) x (h) x (d)

Issue Price

Item: #0319 Waterfall and Water Base ($175 CAD)

Item: #0320 Grass Base with 2 Trees ($100 CAD)

Item: #0321 Rock Base with 1 Tree ($95 CAD)

Brother Bear is a 2003 American animated fantasy film, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animations. When a boy named Kenai is turned into a bear, he must literally walk in another's footsteps until he learns some valuable life lessons.

Click on each photo to enlarge.

Create a fantastic display for your WDCC Brother Bear sculptures with this wilderness set. Available in three parts, you can buy them all or just one or two.