Symphony Hour

Clara Cluck

Issue Price: $185

Sculptor: Kent Melton

Size: 6"

Plussing: Bass Cello Bow: metal, with keys and metal support enhanced with gold. Cello is sculpted as a separate add-on piece

Item Number: 11K-41061-0 or 1028548

Production year: Retired Sept. 1997

Madame Cluck is a beautiful detailed fine animation art scupture from the 1942 cartoon, Symphony Hour.

"The fun's not over till the fat chicken sings!" Or so the Disney artists thought. So they added Clara Cluck to the melodic mirth of Symphony Hour. You can almost hear them playing in these scuptures that capture the fun of the original cartoon.

Clara's statuesque presence has rarely - if ever - been depicted outside of the eight Mickey Mouse cartoons in which she appeared, so her addition to the Walt Disney Classics Collection is a rare treat for Disney collectors everywhere.